Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vastu Creations

Vastu gives the peace of mind to those who lives in such premises constructed through vastu principles. Vastu harmonizes the cosmic forces and makes our life pleasant. The proper alignment of the rooms with proportionate sizes balances the energies. All directions surrounding the structure should be properly selected and measured as per the phenomena of vastu, in order to get wealthy, healthy, happy and delightful life. Vastu has varied applications. The science of vastu can be properly adapted to houses right from the construction of the building to the arrangement of furniture.

Residential Vastu can be applied to:

· Apartment
· Plot / Land
· Builder Floor
· Bungalow
· Farm House
· Service / Studio Apartment
· Other Residential


Career plays a major role in our life. It can be termed as a key aspect of our life. Corporate vastu ensures your business growth; through this you can strengthen the revenues of your industry. There are many types of commercial avenues. Business can be classified in many ways. It is obvious we must focus on the profit-generating activities of our business.

Commercial Vastu can be applied to:-

· Land
· Office
· Business Centre
· Warehouse / Godown
· Industrial Setup
· Shop
· Other Commercial


In today's highly competitive world, a number of industrialists have emerged due to advancement in science, technology, sports, medicine, agriculture, education, media etc. It has also been seen that a few people find themselves incompetent for a field they are into. They had sought such work field only because either they were forced into it or circumstantially they had to choose the same. If you don't want to switch your current profession, Vastu helps you putting best efforts to get the maximum output in present field. If you are willing to change your field, then also it guides you to fit into another field easily. A large number of industries, which come for audit, are benefited through this age old science.

Corporate Vastu can be applied to:-

· Account / Finance
· Administration
· Dispatch / Shipping / Transportation
· Distribution / Delivery
· Finished goods
· Head office / Chief unit
· Human resources / Personnel
· Labor / Job work
· Maintenance / Housekeeping
· Merchandize
· Plant / Machineries / Operations
· Production / Manufacturing
· Raw material
· Reception counter
· Staff quarters
· Stockroom / Storehouse
· Supervision
· Work in-progress

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